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Full copper repiping is a home maintenance job that plenty of Southern California Home owners have become familiar with over the years. Southern California is largely populated by houses that fall in the 8-to-30-year-old age bracket. These homes were originally made with galvanized piping, which is now an obsolete material that’s very susceptible to rust and corrosion. Roughly 40 percent of the houses in Southern California experience this problem at some point. For decades, Isaac & Sons Plumbing has provided high quality repiping services in San Dimas and throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

“Last week we found out from another plumber that we had 3 cracks in our main pipe going to the street. I called Isaac. His crew did the whole job of putting that fiberglass liner in the sewer pipe the day after he assessed. Thanks Isaac!! You and your son ”

- Jeannine C.

Years of Experience

Homeowners in Southern California who want the best in copper repipe work know Isaac & Sons Plumbing. Pipe corrosion is a serious problem for Southern California residents with galvanized piping plumbing. These particular pipes wear out over time, causing a host of different problems such as funny smelling water and leaks. Corrosion can be caused by lots of different environmental factors. Recently in Southern California, significant attention has been given in the journalism world to discussing the fact that local water treatment facilities treat water using certain compounds that can accelerate the corrosion process in the home. These chemicals can produce pinhole leaks or even slab leaks. Research has established that these water treatment chemicals have a deleterious effect on many sorts of galvanized piping.

The total cost of a repiping job will depend on the specific structural details of the home being worked on. Plumbing work that is this extensive often gives homeowners an opportunity to make other upgrades to their home, such as replacing fixtures or installing a new tankless water heater. As noted above, water from highly corroded pipes may end up damaging fixtures as well, making their replacement a necessity rather than an option. Corrosion damage doesn’t just make fixtures unattractive; it also damages their internal mechanisms and reduces their effectiveness permanently.

Isaac & Sons Plumbing prefers to operate on an optimization basis, bringing your home plumbing system up to the best possible standards. This guarantees that you get many years of trouble-free service after your repiping is complete. We generally charge a very affordable rate that is competitive with other local plumbers would charge. You can also rest easy knowing that we fully back all of our repipe work with an extended lifetime warranty.

Isaac & Sons Plumbing is an active and trusted service supplier in the San Dimas area. The odds are good that a home within your own subdivision has received some sort of service from our technicians within the last 30 days.

Repiping Services in san dimas

For the typical homeowner the idea of replacing pipes can be daunting. It’s a lot of work and it can be very expensive. One of the things that our customers worry about the most is the cost of the work that is going to be done. Our highly-trained technicians understand our customer’s concerns. If your home is older and you have recurrent issues with your pipes, we know that it may be more cost-effective to have them replaced. The longer you wait to repipe your home, the more serious the situation is going to be and the more expensive it will become with exponential increases.

As do most things that come into contact with water over the course of time, older pipes eventually corrode and weaken. This makes repiping the best option for many people.

The best way to find out is to ask Isaac & Sons Plumbing to take a look. Here are some things that you should be watching for:

  • Changes in your water color.
  • Changes in your water pressure.
  • An unpleasant smell or taste in your water.
  • More expensive water bills than normal.

With the latest in industry knowledge and top-notch plumbers, Isaac & Sons is sure to have the solution to any common plumbing problem you may be facing.

If you are looking for the best repiping options in the San Dimas and surrounding areas, call Isaac & Sons Plumbing today at (626) 714-2926 to talk about how we might be able to help improve your home plumbing. 


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