Water Pressure Repair in San Dimas

Water pressure issues are common problems in many residential plumbing systems, especially in homes that were built long ago or are about 20 to 30 years old. If you are having such problems in your home, you don’t need to worry; this is a fix that can be resolved easily and fast if you call Isaac & Sons Plumbing San Dimas today.

If you are looking for any San Dimas water pressure repair services, now you can relax! Isaac & Sons Plumbing is here to help you. Whether you are facing low or high water pressure issues, there are several possible causes that could be leading to these malfunctions in your plumbing system. Our water pressure repair experts will pinpoint the problem right away and get it fixed with minimal disturbance to your home. Serving the San Dimas area for over a decade now, our plumbers have the experience, qualification and resources to handle both residential and business water pressure repair needs effectively.

“Last week we found out from another plumber that we had 3 cracks in our main pipe going to the street. I called Isaac. His crew did the whole job of putting that fiberglass liner in the sewer pipe the day after he assessed. Thanks Isaac!! You and your son ”

- Jeannine C.

Emergency Water Pressure Fix

The recommended water pressure for a home is 55 PSI. Most state codes list 80PSI as the maximum and safe allowable pressure in any building. In fact, most toilet, facet and water heater manufacturers render their warranties void if water pressure exceeds 80PSI. Also, if you have a home warranty, your warranty company is likely to render your coverage void if your home is operating with excessive water pressure.

In most cases, when your system is having low water pressure issues, it could be because of:

  • Corrosion and build-up in pipes
  • Undersized water pipes
  • Shared main water supply and
  • Pipe leaks among more

On the other hand, high water pressure issues are mainly caused by high water pressure coming from your utility company. Your utility company supplies water to different heavy water consumers as well as homes. At times, the pressure used often exceeds 100 or even 150PSI which is high compared to the safe limit of 80PSI for your home. This is why a water pressure regulator is necessary.

San Dimas Water Pressure Service

Water pressure regulators are vital for controlling both water pressure and flow rate of incoming water to your home. Therefore, if you do not have one in your San Dimas home, make sure you consult our professionals to install it for you.

But if you already have one installed, it is important to ensure that it is not damaged or worn out. A worn out regulator can lead to destructive high water pressure in your home. Here are some common indicators of a malfunctioning regulator:

  • Surging water
  • Vibrating pipes
  • High or low water pressure as well as water flow
  • Broken pipes and leaking facets
  • Leaking fill valves
  • Leaking hot water relief valves

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