San Dimas Water Heater Repair

Every home in San Dimas has a water heater of some sort hooked up. Whether it is an electric water heater, gas-fired or tankless, water heaters are crucial to your overall comfort. Water heaters can come in various different capacities and styles, and have many different benefits and options. Regardless, they all perform the same duty, which is to provide your home with hot water for your sink, shower & more. Similar to your drainage system, your water heater experiences wear and tear overtime. There will be a time where you absolutely need San Dimas water heater repair.

When Do I need Water Heater Repair?

Having a water heater that is slowly degrading may not seem like a big deal at first, that is until you step into your shower and it turns ice cold. Your water heater is working 24/7 and is always under stress as it's constantly heating your home's water, which means, eventually you'll need to repair it. But, how do you know when it's time to repair your unit? Below we have a few signs to look for in order to avoid your water heater completely failing.

  • Discoloration Of Water -
    If the water coming out of your shower or kitchen faucet is any other color besides clear, you may have a problem with your water heater. If the water is coming out murky or red'ish it could be sediment built up within the tank of your water heater or rust that has corroded within the tank.
  • Strange Noises -
    Some sounds that come from your water heater is perfectly normal. But, if you are hearing a loud popping or banging noise, it could be a heating element that has broken or a sediment build up that is causing the water to boil and the bubbles to pop.
  • Run Out Of Hot Water -
    If you seem to be running out of hot water quickly it could be that one of the two heating elements in your water heater has broken and it unable to heat enough water for your home. 


“Last week we found out from another plumber that we had 3 cracks in our main pipe going to the street. I called Isaac. His crew did the whole job of putting that fiberglass liner in the sewer pipe the day after he assessed. Thanks Isaac!! You and your son ”

- Jeannine C.

committed to keep you and your family comfortable

Isaac & Sons Plumbing is committed to keep you and your family comfortable in the event your water heater stops working or functioning correctly. We offer repairs for your heating system, including gas powered or electric. We use only the latest and top-rated brands available such as Bradford White.

Our San Dimas water heater repair specialists can also perform a thermal expansion of your tanks to make sure you are compliant with current building codes and regulations. We can also help you in the purchase of a new water heater tank, and provide cost-effective installations.

Types of Water Heaters We Work With

Tankless water heaters, though relatively new, take a lot less space to occupy compared to a standard water heater. We will provide you a tankless water heater to bring you up to date with an effective system. Our trained plumbing professionals are able to help you install, replace or repair your tankless water heater.

Gas-powered water heaters in San Dimas are fairly common for residential homes. For gas-fired water heaters, our technicians at Isaac & Sons Plumbing ensure you that we are prepared to repair any issue relating to the quality of your water heater. We make sure our water heater repair services are up to date in compliance with your town’s regulations.

Electric water heaters can be difficult to repair should any problems arise. At Isaac & Sons Plumbing, we can diagnose and detect any problem with your electric water heater, and offer our top-quality, five star service in replacing or repairing your unit.

Your San Dimas Water Heater Professionals

At Isaac & Sons Plumbing, our main goal as professionals is to make sure your hot water system is running smoothly and that hot water is flowing to all places you use hot water in your home. You have peace of mind knowing our San Dimas water heater repair service will have your water heater system working again with just one phone call.


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