Leak Detection San Dimas

Most residents in San Dimas find potential water leaks when it’s too late and water ends up through the roof or in lower stories. This can heavily increase your water bill if not detected in time. The good thing is that the experts at Isaac & Sons Plumbing Inc. will detect leaks in your home in a non-invasive manner.

We will accurately locate any leaks to preserve your water, and avoid the hassle of a high water bill & property damage. Without any destruction, Isaac & Sons Plumbing Inc. will not just detect water leaks, but leaks in sewage and gas as well. We will determine the location of your leak effectively, and repair leaks with little to no disruption.

Never be surprised by a leak again!

When you turn to Isaac & Sons Plumbing Inc., for leak repairs you will never be bothered by a leak. Our experienced plumbers get to the root problem so that the leak does not resurface. You can rely on us to get a leak repaired any day, any time. We’ll promptly respond to any emergency calls from you. What’s more, you can even ask us to check for potential problems with your plumbing, which could lead to a leak in the future.

We handle all aspects of slab leaks & leak detection:

  • Leak detection

  • Leak repair

  • Broken / damaged water lines repaired

  • Water main line repair and replacement

  • State of the Art Leak Detection Equipment